Technology for business...
Our support package is designed to be very flexible, cost-effective and tailored to meet your unique requirements; you can pick the level that is right for you and your business.

Laptops and netbooks for business on the move.
Desktop PC's
Latest TFT widescreen displays
Energy efficient products
Quad core server technology
64 bit server software
Full business integration
Efficient and reliable backup technologies

Whether you have a small network of desktop PCs, or you manage multiple servers, we have the expertise to design and implement your network infrastructure, based on your requirements and budget.
We can also make recommendations regarding hardware, software and cabling/wireless options, and procure the necessary equipment.

  • Server Specification & Server Updates
  • Network, DNS & Login Configurations
  • Firewall, VPN & Remote Access Configuration
  • Microsoft Exchange Users & Mail Configuration
  • Anti-Virus Definitions, Updates & Subscription

  1. SPAM filtering, Success Rate & Subscription
  2. Securing your internet connection with a firewall
  3. Wireless network encryption
  4. Setting up Virtual Private Networks and encrypting web pages for any remote users
  5. Controlling internal access to your network and USB connectivity on PCs to prevent data theft
Dell PowerEdge Servers
With Multiple Quad core processors to provide all the power for any size of network
HP ProliantServers
Single dual & quad core processor solutions at a price to suit your business
Backup Solutions
Internal tape drives, external hard drives and automated off-line backup options.
Network Printing
High volume networkable and cost effective printing solutions.
Mobile Working Solutions
Work is becoming less defined as a geographic destination and more about what you do. Advances in mobile-accessible technology, from Smartphones, Webmail & Blackberry to business intelligence software, may enable a more productive workforce by pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished on-the-go.

With EC Software, being out of the office doesn't have to mean being out of touch.